Children: The future leaders of the nation
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Sep-14 तारिख 09:59 बिहान

Children: The future leaders of the nation

Every year, on Bhadra 29 we celebrate national children’s day across the entire nation to create an awareness for the rights of children which includes their education and care. Children’s day is the celebration of truthfulness and innocence of the sweet children who are the future leaders of our nation. Children are the precious gift of god and they enlighten the environment with my warm smile. But some cannot flourish with their bright smile due to no access to food, education, health facilities, and financial crisis. It breaks me completely to know that Nepal still accounts for 1.1 million children between 5-17 years in child labor. Still, children dream of becoming a doctor, pilot, teacher, nurse, leader, and businessman. They hope for their dream to turn into reality. But in a developing country like Nepal, we need to struggle more and more to get a place for ourselves.


Still, some aren’t provided with the fundamental rights and therefore they aren’t aware of their responsibility too. So, the young generation isn’t aware of the political scenario of our too. I believe that children’s day is the day celebrated to respect the hardship of all the students their innocence and their confidence. If every child is given a platform to showcase their talents and abilities then every house can get a dynamic doctor, a smart pilot, and a caring teacher. Especially in rural areas of our country, children have to get engaged in labor works instead of holding a pen or pencil wearing a school uniform, and going to school for a better future.


So, children’s day should be a reminder to all the people out there that children should get their basic rights and they must have the access to education which is the need of the hour. Nepal is very poor in terms of literacy rate too, so we need to focus on that part helping the students to invest themselves in their studies. Establishing a New Nepal where our history is preserved where women and men both are provided with equal opportunities and children are provided with their fundamental rights. Then, the children’s day would be celebrated with all happiness among all children. Because just a small circle of children shouldn’t be satisfied with the basic rights they have all the children across Nepal should be happy and feel confident of staying in their motherland instead of migrating to other countries in search of good employment opportunities.

Children are born to shine, let’s contribute towards a better society where children are safe, healthy, and happy. They should be bounded in a good environment where education health is the topmost priority. This children’s day let’s stay safe and keep our children safe from the COVID-19 virus and all the problems they are facing because they are born to spread their precious smile.

As a student, I would like to request the government of our country, Nepal to provide the vaccination service to the children so that we can again return back to our normal life, go to school& colleges and enhance knowledge, wisdom, and creativity. Due to the Covid-19 virus, the students have invested their time in a virtual class which isn’t much effective in comparison to the physical classes. So, my appeal to the government of our country is to vaccinate the students and support them to be the future leaders of our country by providing education to all.

Reeva Khanal | Grade 11 | Prasadhi Academy College