It's time for a positive change!-Reeva Khanal
News Desk
Sep-25 तारिख 10:32 बिहान

Today, I feel like it’s high time we talk about this matter because as the world is growing with technology at its best, time is also moving on and with due course of time our mentality about various subject matters is also changing. Menstruation and menstrual practices still face many social, cultural, and religious restrictions which are a big barrier in the path of menstrual hygiene management. The menstrual period is a very crucial period in every girl’s life. Every girl faces this period and currently, there are about 3.73 billion women in the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 52%, or 1.9 billion, of those women are of reproductive age, thus menstruating (WHO, 2018)

As the mentality of people is changing on various subject matters it’s high time for a young girl like me to talk about menstrual hygiene in the open as it’s a very important issue. As menstrual hygiene day is celebrated worldwide on May 28 it’s important for every girl and woman to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene not only on this day but every day. As a young and law-abiding citizen of my country, it’s my responsibility to aware the fellow citizens of my nation of the problems that girls and women face each day in their daily life.

What’s wrong is wrong and it’s high time for us to make a difference between what is right and wrong. It’s my responsibility to aware the fellow girls and women of my society to rise up and raise this issue because it’s everyone who goes through this period and if they don’t speak up the situation will go worse than it is now. There must be a separate washroom in every school for this kind of situation, there will be many girls in a school facing a menstrual period in a day they all cannot get adjusted in a single washroom they need to get a proper washroom with proper hand wash, a basin, a trash bin, a commode which is their right as their parents have spent a lot of money in their fees, and even a sanitary pad should be provided free to all the girls in every school. I request the authorities to please take this matter into consideration and let’s all work together to make ourselves live in a better environment peacefully by spreading positivity. And I wrote this article to create a platform for other girls and women who are actually facing such problems every day. As nowadays, the situation is getting worse due to COVID 19 the second wave of the virus. I even request all the citizens reading this article to please stay at home and mask up and sanitize yourselves and maintain social distancing. And please spread awareness that we all must speak up for the menstrual hygiene problem every girl and woman is facing. Even male of our society must lend their hands to this movement because men and women are both equal and are two sides of the same coin. So let’s lend our helping hand to everyone who is in need. A country becomes stronger when there are women supporting women.

-Reeva Khanal | Prasadhi Academy