Vijaya Dashami victory of good over evil!! | Reeva Khanal
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Oct-15 तारिख 07:09 बिहान

For more, today might be the celebration of love, victory, happiness but for some people who have lost their piece of the heart during the pandemic of Covid-19 it’s a day of sadness, some families lost their unity, their happiness, and some still not able to move on by accepting the reality of losing their loved ones. Vijaya Dashami is one of the greatest festivals of the Hindu religion, amidst the pandemic of Covid-19 we are continuing our rituals and praying to goddess Durga for everyone’s peace and good health.

Ashoj 28,2078B.S is the date for which we all have been waiting so patiently. After working hard day and night, we take a break and visit our village our family members in the festive season. Some from abroad despite hectic schedules manage to seek blessings from elders visiting their motherland. We can see the happy smiling faces of every relative who has been waiting to shower love and blessings to their loved ones. But since the past two years, the narrative has changed completely due to the virus we are all scared and rather we don’t want to come in contact with anyone because the virus is very infectious and can take many lives and we are not unknown to it.


I have been a patient of covid-19, the phase is not easy it’s very difficult. But all I want to suggest to all is that stay strong and be happy all the time. Take care of your mental health do the things that you love to do, engage with your hobbies, and take proper care of your health, proper diet, medicines. I request everyone to follow all precautions measure because covid is still there beware and celebrate the festive season with lots of joy, grace and utmost happiness.


To those who have lost their family members, relatives you are not alone, this shall pass too, stay strong and celebrate the memories you had with them keep them close to your heart in your memories above the stars, they are blessing you. And to those who fought the virus bravely, thank god for giving you the courage and confidence to fight against the virus, there’s a lot of challenges to come your way. The journey of life is not very easy we need to add bright days to shine forever. By acknowledging the importance of each other, thanking God for gifting us a wonderful journey, and being grateful towards everyone. let’s celebrate this Vijaya Dashami in the victory of our country for standing in solidarity while fighting the virus, here’s hoping and praying goddess Durga for everyone’s good health and prosperity.

Happy Vijaya Dashami -2078

Reeva Khanal