The world is so selfish….! - Reeva Khanal
News Desk
Oct-20 तारिख 08:14 बिहान


Every day with the same enthusiasm people hustling and bustling in their daily life work. In this modern era, people are here for money, fame, satisfaction, and vocation. Days in the past were the golden days where people's existence really mattered, people listened to each other, took suggestions, and worked for it by respecting each other's occupation. But now the scenario has changed drastically. Being a youngster, I myself have felt some of the drastic changes in today’s world. When I listened carefully to my elders I secretly kept it in my heart to someday speak about this issue.

The issue is not so big, but it’s something we all have been wondering about. It is related to our daily life, let’s accept the fact that we all have been so busy with our works that we have only got one mindset that is to achieve “Fame”. Yes, that’s very important as fame gives us satisfaction but with that let’s not involve ourselves in bad activities or hurt others with our actions just to gain popularity. While doing our job, let’s be sincere but not selfish. The word selfish stands for ego, hatred. An individual who is always self-centered will never be able to achieve success. Collaborating, celebrating others' success, and giving you inner peace and satisfaction.

It’s easier said than done, So to whoever reading this piece of mine I know it sometimes hurts to see others achieving so much, and even by working hard at the end of the day you do not get to see the smile in your family faces. Remember, good things take time in this busy world, take time for yourselves to enjoy, criticism comes along with success. Be happy for what you owe because you never know what life has to offer you. “ Satisfaction is the key to your inner happiness and you are the one to decide the way you want to live upon your choices.”

No dream is too big or small for you, it’s just your persistence, resilience, and the self-confidence that you hold that make you stronger each day. When God has gifted you such a precious life, don’t make a choice to be selfish and self-centered, Be Resilient, Be YOU, and set an example so that the world shall follow your footprints someday.

Reeva Khanal | Grade-11